Robin Bruynseels
Robin Bruynseels
Author no longer works for Ordina Belgium.

My internship at Ordina: Robin Bruynseels

My internship at Ordina: Robin Bruynseels

Robin is studying Cloud and Cybersecurity at his university. To conclude his achievement, he had an internship at Ordina Security & Privacy unit.

Firstly please tell us about your background.

I’m at the end of my Bachelor’s degree, Cloud & Cyber security. I choose to study Cloud & Cyber security after two difficult years trying to study practical law. I decided to follow my new passion and study in cyber-security. A couple years went by and it became clear that I’m very interested in the Blue Team side of security.

What made you choose Ordina?

To complete the degree, we have an internship in the last semester of school. I started searching an opportunity focusing on big companies. At college, I heard that you can learn a lot at big companies. When searching for a company, Ordina attracted me a lot because of their way of working with their people. After my first talk with the HR, it quickly became clear that Ordina was a warm and welcoming company. My decision was made very quickly.

How has your time been at Ordina?

Covid-19 really made the world shake for a long time. But, I can say that Ordina always tries their best to make it as lovely as possible. As an intern, you quickly get involved in a lot of things inside the company. Even during the unit meeting Lunch & Learn sessions, you can ask questions or just give you opinion. The warm and welcoming feeling was felt during all of my time at Ordina.

My project was very theoretical. I had to do a lot of documentation and testing. The testing part was the most fun. After studying 20+ security tools, we found a tool fits the most of all the given requirements. Finally, with a premium account of the tool, I tested the applications. I learned very much during my time here at Ordina. Especially it was a good challenge to create professional documents to give presentations for the unit manager.

My mentors Tom, Jelle and Dorien were always here for me. During the project, we had a weekly meeting to report back and see whether I need to change my way of working. Everything was very positive and we quickly created a good professional connection.

What do you think about your career?

This experience really helped me to see how the real world is. I can say for myself that I’m ready to get in the working world and start my professional career. Thank you Ordina for giving me lots of trust and experience.

Finally, please share some advice for potential Ordina interns!

Don’t be afraid to take initiative and ask questions. You are here to make learn and don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes. That’s how you learn the most.

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