Thomas Driessen
Thomas Driessen
Author no longer works for Ordina Belgium.

What is life like at Ordina?

What is life like at Ordina?

After completing his master degree, Thomas joined Ordina Security and Privacy unit in 2020. Let’s see how he looks at Ordina and his career.

Firstly please tell us about your background.

I have attained a Master of Business Administration, with a specialization in Business Information Management at KU Leuven. Ordina is my first employer, as I have chosen to start my professional career here as a Cyber Security Consultant.

What made you choose Ordina?

As most people, I didn’t put all my eggs into one basket during the job hunt. I applied to other companies in addition to Ordina as well. That gave me the opportunity to make the comparison. Ordina stood out in terms of their personal and human way of approaching their applicants. I know it might sound as a cliché, but it was the first company that didn’t make me feel like just one of many, while they are still being a big player. Besides all the benefits Ordina offered, the interpersonal aspect really stood out. Now I can tell you this: I haven’t regretted my decision since.

How has your time been in the first few months at Ordina?

COVID-19 has turned the world upside down. The first few months were different from what I expected. Nevertheless, they were really interesting and educational. In the first weeks, we were still allowed to go to the office to follow trainings included in the Ordina Young Professional Program alongside starters from other units. It was a pleasure to meet them and my team. I could feel that their energy, experience and potential will lead me in the right direction. At the same time, I was “thrown to the lions” in an audit project. Alongside my manager Mark and mentor Jelle, I successfully completed my first project. A good start is half the battle, so they say. I am working at a client now and am happy with what I am doing.

What do you want to achieve?

I always find it fulfilling to lead and educate others. At least it has always been this way in my personal life, and therefore it is something I want to pursue professionally too. I believe that the sky is the limit and that you should always aim high.

Finally, please share some advice for potential future Cyber Consultants!

Show some confidence, get out of your comfort zone, take on challenges and try things out. This is how you learn the most. It is normal, in any field, that starting to work is overwhelming. If you know what you want from the start, consider yourself very lucky, as this is not the case for most people, nor me. You should try and experience different aspects of the field you are in, which is cyber security in my case. But this holds true for any field in my opinion. Doing so, you shape the idea of what motivates you and where your passions lie, which will help you shift your life in your desired direction.

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