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Project Management Part 1: A Small Starter’s Guide

Projects are set up in every field, especially in the Information Security field. They are created to work towards changes within a company in a controlled manner. Even though many...

Achieving anonymity and what defines it part 1

This article is a re-edition of a chapter of Panopticism Ex Machina: Practical ways to obtain anonymity, confidentiality of data and repudiability of actions on the internet and why it...

Microsoft Security Update June 2021

Microsoft released patches for 50 CVEs this month, 5 are rated as critical and the others as important. An unusually high amount of bugs are reported to be publicly exploited...

My internship at Ordina: Katerina Stavrinoudis

Katerina is a university student who studies Computer Science. She assessed vulnerabilities of our internal network as her internship assignment.

My internship at Ordina: Robin Bruynseels

Robin is studying Cloud and Cybersecurity at his university. To conclude his achievement, he had an internship at Ordina Security & Privacy unit.

My internship at Ordina: Thomas Hayen

Thomas is a university student who has ambition in red teaming. He had an internship at Ordina Security & Privacy unit for three months.