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Network Segmentation Part 4

In the previous articles, we have looked the concept of network segmentation. In this article, I will introduce best practices of the network segmentation.

Network Segmentation Part 3

Data classification as (micro) segmentation use cases

Network Segmentation Part 2

How – network segmentation examples

Network Segmentation Part 1

In my previous blog series “What is Zero Trust Architecture and why is it so important to understand? ”, we looked how a modern IT infrastructure should be designed based...

Privacy for security professionals 2 : How to embed privacy requirements in the design of new systems & applications

How can I determine whether GDPR is applicable or not for an application/system? Without going into ‘territorial’ details, the answer is rather simple: if your application/system is processing(*) personal data,...

Privacy for security professionals 1 : Is a userID considered personal data?

The boundaries between security & privacy are blurring. Today security professionals are expected to have experience in both fields and to be able to advise on cases related to protection...